Friday, November 9, 2007

The Way Back Machine

So, the second prompt I had yesterday was about what my earliest memory is. Good question! I’ve got more than one, so I’ll go ahead and write a few.

I think I remember the day we moved into the house we grew up in, but my parents think I just know it from the telling. All I really remember is sitting around a bunch of boxes and eating White Castles, so it’s entirely possible they’re right on that, but that’s what I pinpoint as my first memory.

The first birthday I remember was when I was 3 or 4. I don’t remember a ton about it either, except that it was at Showbiz Pizza (before it became Chuck E Cheese) and my grandma and grandpa gave Liss and I tricycles.

The first trip I ever remember taking is to Tennessee to visit my great grandmother. I was probably 4 or 5 then. We took my grandparents’ RV, which was really cool. I remember walking to a general store-type place and spending forever picking out candy, as kids do. I also remember that Great Grandma was 98, mostly blind, and sat knitting in a rocking chair. She scared the crap out of me, the way old people do. My uncle Joe and… Uncle TF? Was that who it was? Anyway, two uncles taught Liss and me how to clap with one hand (which Uncle Joe could do really well because he’s double-jointed) and how to spin on our butts on the hardwood floor, which we thought was the most awesome thing ever. I also remember my cousin Jana used to dote over us a ton, and for some reason we called her Frog.

From kindergarten, I remember usually wanting to play with the cardboard bricks rather than the dolls and stuff. I liked building stuff, but I more liked being dramatic and making soap operas out of the space battles the boys were playing. I also remember a talent show where we sang “Let’s go fly a kite,” which I still know all the words to. And my art of smiling flowers got picked to be displayed in the Children’s Museum, (which was free at the time! I paid $20 to get in there two weeks ago!) and I thought it was too freakin’ cool.

So…yeah! Those are things I consider to be my first real memories!


might be an illusion said...

You forgot to mention that you played with those blocks with your very first crush in Kindergarden--I think his name was Josh??

might be an illusion said...

Suggestion: Most painful moment (physically is what I mean but whatever works)

lol sorry my back hurts right now and all I can think of is pain :P