Thursday, November 15, 2007

Marc-y Marc Fish-berg

So Marc has requested a blog since I forgot to mention that he is my funniest friend. Marc is one of my funniest friends, though I'm lucky enough to be able to say that most of my friends are hilarious. But here are some of Marc's greatest hits!
  • Marc used to do baby voices for the group we hung out in based on our personalities. So Baby Marc was playing a tiny guitar and being all "You goy suck! I get 8 days of presents, and my parents know my affection has to be purchased!"
  • Marc once re-wrote they lyrics to Wonderwall about an acquaintance of ours with really sad, saggy boobs, called "Wonder-bra." It was even more funny than it sounds like it would be.
  • Marc has a great sense of humor about himself, which is a must in order to actually be funny. He makes fun of his cheapness, he has dozens of pictures of himself and his girlfriend where he's literally holding his wallet open to her, looking shocked. And he's got the cojones to do stand-up, which is more than most of us are gutsy enough to do!

All this and the poor guy didn't even have cable growing up!


Not Marc Fishman said...

Oh my god that dude is awesome!!!

might be an illusion said...

LOL wonderbra??? I must hear this sometime. Aw...immortalizing the Fishman in blog history.