Thursday, June 25, 2009

random notes

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now Michael effing Jackson? (Not to mention David Carradine less than a month ago, which I am still attributing to the five-point palm exploding heart technique.) Ok, Death, you can piss off now. Not that I am emotionally invested in any of these people, but MJ especially represents my childhood! Thriller still scares me and I'm 27! Too weird. Godspeed, dead people.

The heat. This is August weather. We haven't had pleasant summer yet. I have no air conditioning in my car. This weather can officially suck it.

Speaking of suck it, Don't ask, don't tell can go right ahead as well. If you're willing to get shot at defending our country, you should be allowed to stick it in whomever you want as long as you both consent and are old enough to do so. I'm deeply sick of bigotry. If you must have Don't Ask, make it for the straights too. Oh, they're not expected to be asexual because they like people with opposite genitals. It's bullshit.

And finally, I hope and pray for the people in Iran, that thet find justice and peace soon.

This is what you get when I don't blog for so long!