Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So I’m sick of being mopey, even though I still feel crabby as all hell. But instead of writing about that, I’m going to write about my trip to New York when I was a senior in high school!

The trip lasted from a Sunday to a Thursday, the Sunday and Thursday being travel time. It was hella cheap, too. For 3 plays, two nights in a hotel, bus fare, two dinners, a lunch, and a theater workshop, it only cost about $450, plus whatever money you wanted to spend in the city. Here are some of the highlights:

Coolest Random Billboard: In Times Square, there was a billboard with a giant spoon on it advertising Jell-O. I thought it was the shit. Obviously, I was (and am still) easily entertained.

Best Play Seen: Without question, Kiss Me, Kate, which we got to see with Brian Stokes Mitchell and Marin Mazzie, during the first part of the show's revival. It was absolutely hysterical. The other option that night was Cats, which I ended up seeing years later and hating because it has no plot and goes on for a month. We also saw The Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables. They were both good, but neither could hold a candle to the other.

Most Awesome Non-PC Moment: Tim, one of our trip-mates, yelling "Hey guys! A midget!" Which is when we all crowded to one side of the bus to see. The midget gave us the finger. It was awesome.

Most Art Seen: The Greek statues at the Met. We only had 90 minutes at the Met and I wanted to find the damned impressionists, but we kept running back and forth through the room with the statues trying to find it. It was both hilarious and irritating at the same time.

Best Prank Pulled: Some of the other trippers duct-taped our acting teacher's door shut, and because he has an awesome sense of humor, he didn't even get pissed about it.

Most Awesome "People Won't Believe This" Moment: A cop falling off his bike at Battery Park. HiLARious!

Best Event on a Boat: Trippers Joe and Tim pulling a Titanic moment on the deck of the boat to the Statue of Liberty, and a kid puking right behind them. Awesome.

Best Piece of Tchotchky Crap Bought: Statue of Liberty lighter, hands down.

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Marc Fishman said...

+27 points for use of yiddish my dear.