Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Reviews and Fall Throughs

So my trip to New York is being postponed. Our tickets to The Daily Show fell through, which was our primary reason for going. We're going to reschedule for another time when we can actually go to that. As much as I was looking forward to a vacation, I just gained back a weekend and 16 hours of vacation (I'm taking tomorrow off, anyway). Plus, it's more money I don't have to spend, which is also nice.

But screw that real life stuff, let's talk pop culture consumption!

Knocked Up

I loved The Forty Year-Old Virgin. It was one of the funniest, best performed movies I've seen in ages. So when I heard Judd Apatow had a new movie coming out starring Seth Rogen (Cal in TFYOV) I was pretty excited. The excellent thing is, the movie didn't at all disappoint! Rogen and Katherine Heigl actually worked great off of each other, and the supporting cast is hilarious. Judd Apatow doesn't necessarily "get" women as well as he does men, but he still does a great job overall. I feel like I had more to say about the movie, and I'm sure I'll think of it, but until my brain is working, that's a quick review. It's awesome, go see it.

Lamest post ever, but I'm too tired to care!

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