Monday, June 25, 2007

My Super Sweet go F' Yourself

Every single person who has been on "My Super Sweet Sixteen" should be put on an island and forced to Lord of the Flies each other. Seriously. I have never seen a single child on that show who could behave like a human being. This girl freaks out and sobs and pitches a tantrum the size of Alaska because her mom gives her a brand new Lexus at school on her birthday rather than at her party. "You fucking ruined everything!" she cries. Seriously, what the hell kind of entitled bitch acts like that? And what kind of parent allows it? Fine, you get to be on TV or whatever, but now the entire viewing audience of MTV knows that

  • if you're the girl, you're a giant, pissy, bitchy twat
  • if you're the parent, you're spineless and your kid owns your ass.

And how the fuck do you not know that? You know MTV cuts this show to make you look like the biggest asshole possible. Why play into it? Why not be sweet and normal and fuck with them instead? If I had at any point in my life acted for a moment like one of these kids, my parents would have slapped the ever loving shit out of me, and rightfully so. Jesus. This is the kind of stuff that makes me hate everyone.


might be an illusion said...

lmao so true

Anonymous said...

Umm, excuse me. Just cause you didn't grow up a princess like I did doesn't mean you can just insult me like that. The lexus SHOULD have been delivered at my party, to make all my friends jealous at how aWeSoMe I am. So, like, whatever, go be gross somewhere else, and like, don't talk about me, beotch.

As if... what-ev-ah.