Thursday, November 27, 2008

Review: Atonement

What a good movie! I shouldn't be surprised, it got excellent reviews. It's funny, Keira Knightley is a good actress, but I never really appreciate that until I'm watching something she's in. Although I still think she needs a sandwich. But performance-wise, she was really good, and didn't overdue it with weepiness and such. And James McAvoy was really excellent as well, and super hot to boot!

The visuals in the movie are quite lovely, too, from Knightley's beautiful emerald gown to the distopic image of the Ferris Wheel idly spinning on the beach as men bled and ships burned. But what I really liked was the sound motifs. The tapping of the typewriter, the scratching of matches and metallic ring of lighters, used to set a cadence for various scenes. This is one of those times where everything, the visuals and sounds and performances, made the movie come together. I really liked it.

An awfully depressing movie for Thanksgiving morning, but I'm following it up with Little Children, so that ought to perk things up. *snerk*

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