Saturday, November 1, 2008

Good Lord

I babysat five nights this week, including right now. The little girls I watch are twelve, eight and five. They are good, smart and funny kids.
And sweet baby jeebus they're driving me crazy. Actually, the five year-old is fine, and today's the only day I've watched her. Eight, by far, is the one who bugs me the most. She repeats everything. I've actually started limiting the number of times she's allowed to repeat phrases. Also, she whines about everything. Last night she whined about her candy bag being too full! What a crock! And the shrieking and scream laugh. And being so irritated by these things makes me feel like a horrible person, because she's a little girl. But dear god, so irritating.
And Twelve? She's usually my girl, but I must tell you this: I never want to hear about the Twilight books again. She's read two of them this week and it is ALL she talks about to the point where I hate the books, I hate the author, and I may even hate vampires now.
In short? Babysitting makes me cranky and in need of a nap.

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