Saturday, September 20, 2008

i can has best boyfriend!

So I'm sleeping over at Jon's tonight, like I do every weekend, and I wake up with the worst headache, and decide it must be the pillows or something, because this is the second time that's happened. So Jon's in the living room with the dogs, (we don't usually sleep together, because the dogs would lick me all night and keep me awake. And when he sleeps he's a messed up kid's book: The Little Furnace that Snored. Oh, and I'm a cover hog that usually ends up with as much blanket bunched by my face as I have twined around me.) and he's obviously fallen asleep while using his computer, and his head keeps lolling gently. Well, as I gently wake him, I can see what he's been doing online. Porn? No. Homework? Nope! News? Huh-uh. Icanhascheezburger? That's the ticket! And now I shall take my sleepy headache and be unconscious.

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