Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After this, I'll shut up about politics for a while

Ok, just in case there's anyone who looks at or reads my blog who's not going to vote, or is thinking about voting, or whatever, I'm just going to spell out why I'm voting the way I am in November. You can figure out for yourself who I'm voting for by my priorities. If your priorities are similar, maybe you could kick a couple bucks to the campaign. This election is extremely important and I don't really want my heart broken again!

So. Things that are important to me:
  1. Equality for all people who are in love. Neither candidate is where I would like them to be on this, but one candidate gets a lot closer to where we should be going than the other. Any two persons, regardless of gender, should be allowed to get married and have the legal rights of spouses.
  2. Choice. I hope to god I am never in the position where I would need to decide whether or not to have an abortion, but I don't feel comfortable making that decision for anyone else, and I don't think the government should either.
  3. The war. Like it or not, we're in it now, and we need to get out in the cleanest and most fair way possible. However, transparency must be the name of the game in future administrations, and agendas should be made based on the good of the country, not on the good of the few. And Americans should never be asked to give their lives based on lies.

There are lots of other reasons I'll vote the way I will, but those are the big ones, and things I really, really care about. Seriously, if you haven't, please do some research on the candidates and make decisions based on facts and not fear. We've had enough fear-mongering masquerading as politics, and I'm sick of it. I hope you are, too.

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