Friday, April 27, 2007

The Happity-Hap

Bonus if someone actually comments with the reference in my title.

So! I took my math final. Math be damned! I'm done! Praise Jeebus.
I'm writing my final paper TOMORROW. It's going to be done and out of my way by Monday. No ifs ands or asses about it. Huzzah!
Which means by Monday, as far as things I need to do, I will officially be a college graduate! About mother freakin' time. These delays brought to you by our sponsors at Fucked up Parents, ADHD, Procrastination and Viewers Like You. (It's possible I'm listening to too much NPR.)

Sunday, I'm going ice skating! Yes, it'll be 80 degrees. There are skating rinks indoors! It's gonna be good times.

Monday, my parents go to court! I want to know as little about that as humanly possible.
After that, it's get the apartment in order, work more on getting my organizational shit under control, try to convince myself to start exercising, and enjoy my summer! Things to look forward to:
  • Next week: Chicago with Liss, and maybe Leila, to see Wicked and for me to see John Edward
  • First Week of June: New York! To see a Daily Show taping, maybe a Colbert Report taping, and maybe a Conan taping. I'm going with Leila and our buddy Jesus. His real name is Adam. Leila named him Jesus. I don't know why, except he used to have long hair. Anyway, if you hear about girls getting arrested in New York for humping Jon Stewart's leg, you should maybe send bail money.
  • Maybe in September going out to Colorado to visit my friend Kitty.

Good times coming up! Not to mention a cornucopia of pop-culture to enjoy.

Speaking of which, and I am remiss for just now mentioning it, Ta-ta Sanjaya! You're much cuter when I don't have to hear you!

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