Thursday, April 5, 2007

Couple of Letters, a little review for good measure

Dear Weather,

You know, I know I complained that we went straight from winter to summer, but I was not, in fact, requesting we slip back to winter. The Easter Bunny's going to freeze his little cottontail straight off.


Dear America,

Gina goes and Sanjaya stays? Well, this is the country that elected W twice.


Dear Crystal Light Iced Tea Water Thingies,

You are way yummier than I had anticipated you being. I'm really happy about that. Now, help me get rid of my fat ass.

Baby steps, right?

Blades of Glory Review

Went and saw this last Saturday with as passel of friends, and let me just say, this is a good movie to see with a passel of friends!

Given my superlative reviews as of late, this review may end up coming off as me not liking the movie. That's not it at all. It was very good. But it was dumb, and it was supposed to be dumb, so I can't really talk about the depth of John Heder's or Will Ferrell's "performances." They were both very funny, Heder endearingly so, Ferrell in the way he usually is. Jenna Fischer was delightful in her role as sister to the Evil Duo, played by Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. Frankly, I think they and Craig T. Nelson as the skating duo's coach were my favorite part. To be a villain in this kind of movie really means you get to munch the nearby scenery, and they took full advantage of it.

Honestly, it was a fun movie. It would have been more fun if Heder or Ferrell had actually been able to skate a bit more, but it was still good times, and I'm glad I saw it. Bottom line, catch it in a matinee, get a bag of popcorn, turn your brain off, and kill a couple of good hours on a Saturday. And bring your friends.