Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Tip for the Guys

I don't know if any guys read this, or at this point even if anyone reads this (which I couldn't blame them for, sweet baby James I've been a shitty blogger lately), but if they do, as the commercial festival of love approaches, I'd just like to emphasize one point that I think guys often overlook. (Damn, that was a wordy and poorly constructed sentence!) Here's the tip, the greatest way to make your girl think the sun shines out of your ass even if you leave the toilet seat up:

It's all about small gestures.

More than big, shiny gifts (which we like) or expensive dinners (which we also like), girls like most to feel that someone cares enough to do little things for no reason. Jon stopped by when he was on-campus yesterday and left a bag of Hershey's Kisses on my car seat because he knows they're my favorite. And it just still makes me smile because it's just so sweet. It showed he was thinking of me and that he wanted to let me know that.

I'm not saying don't do Valentine's Day or whatever. I'm just saying it's way more meaningful to drop a $3 bag of candy on her chair every so often.

Just a tip!

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Karyn said...

In. Deed.

A post-it note with a heart on her monitor occasionally is nice as well :).