Monday, February 16, 2009

Notes om The Amazing Race 14

Mike and Mel are freaking awesome. They can stay forever.

Preston and Jennifer may irritate me, but I totally laughed when Preston said, "I don't even like cheese. In fact, I may never eat cheese again." It's kind of a bummer to eliminate a team first week before you can really tell how a team is gonna be.

Phil signing "You are team number 1" was freaking adorable. So deliberate, and so "Look what I learned!"

I usually like the rednecks, but I'm iffy about this season's iteration of them. Points, however, for acknowledging the eyebrow of dubiousness.

Brad and Victoria are hilarious. "You should totally be jealous of me." Sweetheart, you just jumped 70 storeys. I would be grateful, not jealous. *shudder*

I'm so glad the race is back on!

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