Monday, December 17, 2007

My Car is Poltergeist

So my car is wonderful and I love her, but she is getting more and more weird and ghetto. Over the summer, it started to be that if I tried to roll the passenger window down with the door unlocked, the door would actually pop open. If I lock it, I'm safe, but then it only rolls halfway down, which is great in July when you don't have air conditioning. My cruise control only works about half the time. My windshield wiper tank is busted, meaning that I squeegee my windows at gas stations a lot, particularly this time of year because I can't see squat with all the snow and salt junk on my windows.

But the car's newest oddity is by far it's most irritating. The radio is possessed.

It started last week. I was driving home from work and decided to flip from NPR to a music station. Then my radio turned back to NPR. Spontaneously. It did this like 4 times. Then it stopped letting me change stations altogether. I can change channels intermittently, usually near the beginning of getting into my car, but it sometimes still changes on it's own. And better yet, it changes two of the pre-set buttons to whichever channel it's currently on. So NPR is now programmed into two buttons instead of just one.

Someone needs to find me that short lady and Craig T. Nelson, STAT.

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