Thursday, October 11, 2007

Letters, Knitting, Etc.

Catherine was lovely enough to ask how the knitting goes! Well, I only know how to do the one thing, the knit stitch, but I’m getting pretty decent at it. My practice scarf is long enough to be a scarf, and there are only 3 or 4 really egregious drop-stitch mistakes, so that’s not so bad. I absolutely love knitting, I’m having so much fun. Visions of me giving people throws and making hats and stuff dance through my head. And the cats have started to learn that the knitting yard’s not a toy unless they want to get punted. I’ll try to figure out how to post pictures soon. And I so want to learn to make the stuff in this book if I ever get good enough.

And now, letters to persons and subjects of interest.

Dear Ben and Jerry’s S’more Ice Cream,

The love I have for you is deep and very true. Though I can actually hear my thighs expanding as I eat you, I want to have your adorable little ice cream babies, though I would probably eat them, and that would be really weird. Thank you for being exactly what I was craving, though I did not immediately know it.


Dear Pushing Daisies,

You may be pushing the quirk envelope to the absolute max, but I do love you. Jim Davis, you are king. Come narrate my life. You could make getting my cereal in the morning and letting the dog out sound interesting.

Pleasepleaseplease don't get cancelled!

Dear Money,

Please grow on trees. I need more of you. Soon.


Dear Boyfriend,

Yay! We've been dating for five months! Good for us. Here's hoping we continue to rock.


...and the mental well's gone dry again. Oh well.