Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Completely Dumb Thing...

...That I Find Totally Satisfying:

Pressing my lips together when they are semi/mostly dry and having them stick and kind of seal together. Am I the only one who does this? I'm not, right?


Hope said...

Hello fellow NaBloPoMo-er. :) Although I don't find sticking my lips together satisfying when they're dry- I DO like to peel the dry flakes of skin off- GROSS! And now I'm gross for telling that to a complete stranger. But I didn't want you to feel alone in your Dry Lip Activity Satisfaction! So that makes up for the TMI factor right? Right?

Anonymous said...

I kinda like sticking my lips together, and I also scrape off the flakes. then I feel the need to apply more lip balm, even though it doesn't seem to be preventing me from having dry lips.

Aaaand, that's enough of my talking about my lips. Good day.