Friday, January 19, 2007

Musical Note

Scrubs was a musical episode last night. Why are musical episodes always better? Granted, Scrubs is a stellar show, and I wouldn't miss it no matter what, but as a musical? Even funnier. It was like that episode of Buffy, "Once More with Feeling." I have never seen another episode of Buffy in my life, but that one was really good. (A friend loaned me the first season. I really need to get around to watching it.) Or the episode of Project Runway where Santino sang his "It's Just Fashion" song, or the Daniel Franco song. Or the time on America's Next Top Model where the whole panel burst into song, which was also awesome. Singing just seems to improve things.

All by way of saying if you didn't watch Scrubs last night, see if you can find it on YouTube. It was hilarious, in particular the song about pooing, and the "Guy Love" duet. Solid gold.

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