Monday, May 5, 2008

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I love being able to blog from my phone.
Presenting: a girl-ish review of Iron Man!
First and foremost, Robert Downey Jr. Is super pretty. I want more movies that give me a good excuse to enjoy tha. He plays a cad adorably well, probably based on copious experience, but I still see a wee bit of the boyishness from Chances Are, a movie I still love. In any case, Jon had a giant geek-on for the movie, and I had the eye candy, so that started out nicely.
The snappy dialogue RDJ gets to spout off, with the rest of the cast, is another big selling point for me. I like stuff that's fun to listen to, and this was that in abundance. Also, Tony Stark, RDJ's character, has lots of fun robots with personalities, which I fins adorable. Yes, I'm a giant loser-girl, but that part was fun for me.
Gwyneth Paltrow was a perfectly pleasing Pepper Potts. I always forget how much I like her in stuff because the 'razzi spends so much time calling her a bitch. Bitch or no, she's great on-screen, and it's fun to see the little wink she brings to the deferential personal assistant.
Terrence Howard was also great. It's just unfortunate that I look at him right now and think, "Oh! It's poor man's Cuba!" I'll get over that, and it wasn't his fault, I just think they look alike and I've seen less stuff with TH.
And Jeff Bridges. Lovely Jeff Bridges, playing the anti-Dude, Obadiah. He looks good bald, and the full beard works, too. He looks a wee bit like Jon like that, which is fun for me. Also, Bridges gets points for awesome villain line delivery with "Hold still, you little prick!" A good villain really makes or breaks these movies, and Bridges was more than equal to the task.
So! Overall? Shiny, blow-upy, snarky good time! It earns me good girlfriend points and lets me ogle pretty man for two hours! I have to go with my friend Becca's review: Iron Man is win!

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